Planning and assembly

At the beginning of a vacuum insulation is careful planning, because later manual processing by cutting, planing or drilling is not possible without destroying the vacuum. The assembly of panels is rather comparable to the handling of prefabricated parts, which means in practice:

  • exact preparation and planning
  • precise measurement
  • creation of an installation plan
  • calculation of the standard VIP for the installation
  • if necessary calculation of special dimensions
  • careful handling during installation
  • seamless installation for optimal insulation
  • careful connection to adjacent components

In order to adapt the insulation elements to the respective structural situation, all areas are measured. The position of all insulation elements is then determined in the installation plan. It is important to use as many standard sizes as possible, as the panels for remaining areas (for example in edge areas) must be made to measure.

The experts at VITEC have a craft background and a lot of planning experience themselves. We will assist you in the selection of suitable VIPs, in the preparation of an installation plan and the ordering of all necessary panels, we will organize the shipping and, if desired, we will also take care of the installation.

At VITEC, you have one contact person for the entire duration of the project who coordinates everything for you. You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 39452 4884-0 or by email at