What is a VIP?

VIP is the abbreviation for Vacuum Insulated Panel, which is a panel that uses the physical principle of vacuum thermal insulation.

Vacuum insulattion panels – VIP for short – are highly efficient insulation materials that are used equally for insulation in the area of heat and cold protection. The boards consist of a porous core material, such as pressure-resistant fumed silica, which serves as a supporting body for vacuum generated in the insulation board. The core material is completely enclosed by a high-density shell to permanently prevent gas from entering the board.

Best insulating properties thanks to vacuum

With vacuum insulation boards, thermal conductivities of less than 0.005W/mK can be realized, or in other words: a vacuum insulation board with a thickness of only 2 cm replaces conventional insulation of 6 to 7 times the thickness.
In VITEC GmbH’s VIP products, the properties of the core material are optimized by adding opacifiers and fibres to reduce heat radiation transmission. In this way, a supporting body is produced that is not combustible, is environmentally friendly and is also not hazardous to health. In this way, VACO SOLO and VACOSI panels from VITEC have signifiant advantages over insulation materials made from polystyrene, for example.