Parallel to the commissioning of the new PrePreg production line at VITEC GmbH, the plastics and vacuum experts from our team developed a process by which the pre-impregnated glass fiber fabrics are “baked” with the special reaction resin under pressure and under heat to form a high-strength jacket for the vacuum insulation panels.
This high-strength, pressure-resistant and impact-resistant GRP sheathing of the vacuum core is decisive for the good processing and installation properties of the VIPs from our product range – and of course also for the good insulating properties and the resulting k- and U-values of the panels.

VITEC plastics engineers have standardized their own PPF hot-pressing process (derived from the term “preimpregnated fibres”) with regard to the exposure time to pressure and heat and the optimized mixture of epoxy resins, so that the VACOSI and VACO SOLO vacuum panels and other panels are produced in series with consistent quality.
Since we have all the necessary machines and automatic equipment in-house, we produce large quantities of VIP to order and project related and deliver on time.