Minimizing the cooling demand

Artificial cold is expensive and due to the permanently increasing energy costs, all operators of cold rooms and cold storage rooms have one concern: To store the cold in the interior in an optimal way, to let it come to the lowest possible cooling losses and to reduce the energy consumption considerably in this way. A good way to reduce the cooling demand is to improve the thermal insulation of cold storage rooms.

There is scope for optimization in the insulation material used, the wall thickness of the insulation layers and in the quality of the workmanship. With the vacuum panels from VITEC, these measures can be implemented excellently.

VACOSI insulation kit for energy optimization

With the flexible and rationally applicable VACOSI-VIP from VITEC, your requirements for retrofit insulation can be implemented precisely.
Free of any grid, the entire operating area of your cold storage rooms is optimally utilized – regardless of whether you are working with the panels in the standard grid or special sizes need to be taken into account. We will put together a complete insulation kit with all components for you.

In principle, insulation from the inside is feasible. VITEC has also carried out various projects in which we have applied external insulation to optimise the insulation.

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