PrePreg is the English abbreviation for “preimpregnated fibres”. PrePregs are textile semi-finished products that are preimpregnated with special reactive resins.
In the production process, the components produced are cured under temperature and pressure. The reactive resins consist of a mostly highly viscous, but not polymerized thermoset plastic matrix, which is often used in lightweight construction.

PrePregs can be processed by machine and are mainly used in automated processes. They produce a high quality. Due to curing under high temperatures, short cycle times are possible, but machine and automated processing requires a high level of investment, e.g. for autoclaves, laying robots and also refrigerated storage.

The requirements of our customers for highly insulation insulation board had the consequence that VITEC GmbH designed a PrePreg production machine itself, as there was no suitable production line on the market that met our high quality requirements.
This way the know-how of the VITEC team was used to develop the special VITEC PPF process. This ensures series production of the VACOSI COMPACT and VACOSI VARIANT vacuum plates at a consistently high production standard.

Large depth of production is our advantage
We combine the know-how in GRP and plastics technology, vacuum technology, metal processing, our own development department with CAD/ CAM systems and the vast experience of our sales department. In this way, our customers receive everything from a single source – with short response times from the start of the project to the delivery of the components.