A vacuum enables very good thermal protection in a very small space: plates of microporous silica are enclosed in a gas- and watervapor-tight film under vacuum.

These vacuum insulation panels (VIP) have an extremely low thermal conductivity in the so-called evacuated state. The insulating effect of such VIP is 5 to 10 times better than that of conventional insulation systems. With VIP, significantly lower insulation thicknesses can be achieved with the same insulating effect – a great advantage in confined spaces or where high demands are placed on insulation protection.

The usual vacuum insulation panels without additional sheathing are less suitable fore precessing on construction sites, as even the smallest scratches can perforate the film seal and drastically reduce the insulation properties.
In order to eliminate this risk and hermetically seal the VIP, VITEC has developed a special GRP sheathing so that these sandwich elements are impact and pressure resistant and offer signigicant advantages during installation.

The vacuum panels VACOSI COMPACT and VACOSI VARIANT are the first choice for installation work – for example for the subsequent insulation of cold rooms as part of energy-saving renovation measures.