New projects are the basis for new products

The impulse for new developments are often requirements of customers looking for a special solution – this is where VITEC GmbH becomes active with its own development and design department.

For example, we have taken up the suggestions of various hospitals and optimized cold storage systems for storing blood preserves.
These projects involved the subsequent insulation of cooling chambers that had already been installed. The structural design and the positive energetic effect (reduction of energy consumption for cooling) convinced all customers.
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Cooperation with universities, technical colleges and institutes

We work together with the Technical University of Clausthal and the University of Applied Sciences Stendal. For example, new product developments of VITEC are tested with regard to thermal and insulation properties.

Test chamber for FRAUNHOFER

A special test chamber was developed for one of the Fraunhofer institutes. In this chamber the institute can simulate different scenarios of climatic conditions.

PrePreg system for the PPF process

In a joint project with the TU Clausthal, the production plant was developed in which the coating of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) around the vacuum film core of the VIP from VITEC is carried out using the PPF process.

Product testing by MTI Braunschweig

With regard to the product characteristics – for example, dimensional and pressure stability and construction of the VIP with GRP coating – the Material Testing Institute in Braunschweig is involved. The results of the measuring and testing laboratories of the MTI are incorporated into quality control as well as into the optimization of production processes.